Super Affiliates System Review and Bonus


(John Crestani’s) Super Affiliate System Review and Bonus

Price: $4,997. You as well need to APPLY TO JOIN and $3-5k for your campaigns.

About John Crestani (Creator)

Super Affiliate System course was created by John Crestani. He began his marketing career way back in the year 2009. He is an expert in the affiliate marketing field.

Just to show you a little of his marketing expertise, John was able to pocket more than $2.5million last year, 2015, through his affiliate marketing business. He earned this money by trading diet and skincare products and with the help of Native advertising and social media advertising, i.e., Facebook and Twitter.

Just like any other business person, John has survived a good number of obstacles and various business levels as an affiliate marketer; from being a failure in entrepreneurship, to the floor of the corporate world, to customer-based work, to being an affiliate marketer and ultimately super affiliate.

Review Of Super Affiliate System Course Features

Let’s take a look at the features of Super Affiliate System that makes it a unique course.

– 12-week course

John Crestani has videos of his campaigns shot by him. These videos add up to more than 50 hours; this is about one to two hours of viewing and course work per day for the program.

There are everyday tasks contained in the course program as well. They consume around half an hour to 1 hour to be finished in a single day. In overall, anticipate using 1 to 2 hours each day on the SAS program.

  • Module 1: Basics Of Affiliate Marketing
  • Module 2: Clicktracking Setup And Choosing Your Niche
  • Module 3: Required Tools And Software
  • Module 4: Creating And Finding Landing Pages
  • Module 5: Facebook Ads
  • Module 6: Google Adwords
  • Module 7: Advanced Facebook Ad Techniques And Live Campaigns
  • Module 8: Overcoming Failure
  • Module 9: Advanced Copywriting Techniques
  • Module 10: Native Advertising And Optimization
  • Module 11: Building A Team And Scaling Campaigns
  • Module 12: Summary/Super-Affiliate Interviews

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– Over-the-Shoulder Trainings

Customers have the opportunity to view in a broader perspective many exciting and encouraging things like LIVE creation process of affiliate campaigns, John’s real numbers, copy, his engineer campaigns and ads too.

– {Ready2Launch} Campaigns

Affiliates can benefit from landing pages, authentic ad swipes, and targeting that are being provided by the team. To get started, you only copy/paste.


The Super Affiliate System Course Demo

– To be considered for this incredible opportunity you must apply.  John and his team only want to work with the most qualified people, hence they require and application to join his 12 week coaching course and to get access to his vast affiliate network.  You can apply to the program here.

Super Affiliate System 24/7 Reliable Support

When it comes to customer support, John Crestani and his team have really done an awesome job. John has employed a support crew consisting of 3 people. These individuals are all experienced experts in the affiliate marketing field. They will respond quickly to all your queries regarding the Super Affiliate System and affiliate marketing in general. The crew has handled way over $1 million altogether in media spend, so they know what’s going on when customers throw questions at them.
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